COVID-19: For the latest information on COVID-19 in Oregon, visit the Oregon Health Authority. For the latest Oregon State Parks updates, visit our Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Smith Rock State Park

COVID-19 Alert

Starting 05/14/2020
Park partially open to limited daytime use, including some trails and climbing areas. 
CLOSED: Misery Ridge Trail, Chute Trail (other trails are open)
CLOSED: The RV and overflow parking lots, Bivouac Camp. Some climbing areas/routes are closed for raptor nesting protection, as usual. Signs are posted on site.
Be prepared to turn around if crowded. Do not travel far to visit. Facilities may close without notice. 
Check our Park Status Map for a list of open parks and our FAQ page for details on this decision.

General Advisory

02/01/2020 to 07/31/2020
Smith Rock currently has a park-wide ban on drones effective February 1st 2020 for raptor nesting season.

General Advisory

02/01/2020 to 08/01/2020
Due to raptor courting and nesting seasons, the following areas are closed or restricted Feb. 1 – July 31, 2020: ***Bivouac tent camping is prohibited. ***Letter of agreement required for photography along cliff rim in Bivouac. ***Canyon Trail near eagle nest restricted: travel in groups of 4 or less and keep noise to a minimum. CLIMBING AREAS: ***Falcon Climbing Closures in place Feb. 1 – July 15, 2020 until otherwise updated: -Picnic Lunch Wall, Smith Rock Group (including the King Line) and First Kiss climbing areas: See closure signs posted at park and at for specific closed route info. ***Golden Eagle Climbing Closure - All MONUMENT AREA—Look for the posted climbing closure signs in the Monument Area. Climbing routes, cliffs and gullies within 1100 feet of the nest are closed.