Cascadia State Park – FAQ

Why is Linn County Parks and Recreation operating Cascadia State Park?

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has transferred management of Cascadia State Park for a one year trial period, until March 2020. We believe this arrangement will result in an improved experience for customers and more efficient operation of the park. Linn County Parks and Recreation is uniquely positioned to manage this park, and they have a proven ability and similar mission to provide a quality experience for park visitors.    

Linn County owns or manages several parks in the vicinity of Cascadia, making it convenient and efficient for the county to add Cascadia to its schedule. On the other hand, Cascadia is far from other state parks in the southern Willamette Valley. Oregon State Parks rangers must drive two hours one way to reach the park, which at times means we cannot devote as much attention to the park as it needs.

This agreement allows state park rangers to devote more time and resources to the other parks in the unit (Elijah Bristow, Dexter, Fall Creek, Thomson’s Mills and several spots along the Willamette River Greenway.)

Are there any changes for customers who stay at the park in 2019?

Cascadia will continue to offer first-come, first-serve camping from May through September. The park is on track to open May 1. Rates will be the same. All discounts for veterans with disabilities and families with foster children will be honored.

The park’s two group camping areas and two group picnic shelters will also continue to be available by reservation. However, Linn County will take over the reservation system, and customers will be able to reserve facilities up to one year in advance.

How can I make a reservation?

Customers will not be able to make a reservation for group campsites and group picnic shelters effective 5 pm April 15 until May 13 while the reservation system is transferred to Linn County. Linn County will start taking reservations at 8:30 am May 13 by phone at 541-967-3917.

Can I be put on a waiting list to make a reservation?

We do not have a waiting list. Please wait until Linn County begins taking reservations May 13. Phone reservations will be made in the order received.

What is the long-term plan for Cascadia?

The current contract with Linn County expires March 2020. The long-term plan is to transfer ownership of the park to Linn County, as early as 2020. Any changes to park fees and/or facilities will not happen until the transfer has been executed.

Whom do I call if I have more questions?

Linn County Parks and Recreation Department, 541-967-3917.