State Capitol
State Park

Near Salem, Oregon, United States

The park features not only cherry trees and other plants favored by Oregonians, but tells a little history as well. Stone plaques set in the mall sidewalks list the county seat and establishment date for each of Oregon's counties. On the Willson Park side of the street, flags from every state in the union sit in a circle near the Moon Tree, a state heritage tree. The young Douglas-fir, just north of the flags along Court Street, was grown from a seed carried to the moon by Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa in 1971.

The grounds include three fountains; Waite Fountain (west of the capitol building in Willson Park), Wall of Water bordering Court Street across from the main capitol entrance, and Capitol Fountain, on Center Street at the north end of the Capitol Mall.

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Where are the restrooms, are they open?

Two, single-user restrooms are located at the midway point of the Capitol Mall on the eastern side, between the Department of Transportation building and the Public Service Building. They are opened every day at 7:00am and are subject to closure after 3:00pm

What time do the fountains operate?

The fountains at State Capitol State Park are subject to seasonal operations, typically Memorial Day thru Labor Day, 10:00am to 7:00pm daily.

Is this a state park?

Yes; State Capitol State Park has been under the care of Oregon State Parks since 2008.

Is there any drinking water nearby?

There are no public drinking fountains located on the grounds of State Capitol State Park. Please ensure that you have brought enough water for you and your party when visiting.

How do I find out more about the plants, markers and monuments in the park?

One of our friendly Park Rangers can assist you with any questions you may have during your visit.  You can also download a copy of the State Capitol State Park Walking Tour Guide to explore the park. 

Oregon State Parks partners with the Capitol History Gateway to make video tours available for your enjoyment as well.

What are the hours of the park?

Unless otherwise posted, the park is open to the public every day, 7am-10pm.

How can I request the installation of a new memorial at State Capitol State Park?

If you are interested in sponsoring the installation of a recognition or honorary feature on State Capitol State Park grounds, please review the Oregon Parks and Recreation General Rules .  To apply for a State Capitol State Park memorial, please visit the Application Materials page for more information.

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Where can I smoke?

Please visit our Where can I smoke page for more information on tobacco and marijuana use within state parks

Do my pets need to be leashed?

Yes; there are no off-leash areas within State Capitol State Park. A portion of the City of Salem’s Minto Brown Island Park offers an off-leash pet area and is less than four miles away.

Please pick up after your pet.  There are four dog bag dispensers within the park: Two dispensers are on the Capitol Mall; one at the southeast corner of Capitol Park; and one at the west end of Willson Park.

Can I swim in the fountains?

The Wall of Water Fountain is the only fountain open to public use. Please be respectful of posted signs at both Sprague and Waite Fountains which prohibit public access.

Can I fly a drone here?

Yes pending Park Manager approval; Drone operators should be aware of and follow all local, state, and federal laws. Please be mindful of other park visitors when operating a drone. The department can and will limit or prohibit use near people for safety and conflict reasons. Please visit the Drone operations in state parks page for more information.

Can I drink alcohol here?

Per Oregon Parks and Recreation General Rules, Park visitors may only possess or use alcoholic beverages within State Capitol State Park with written permission from the park manager.

Can I ride my bike/scooter/skateboard around the park?

Yes; Please be mindful that the grounds of State Capitol State Park contain multiple memorials and surfaces that can be easily damaged by certain activities. Please refrain from jumping or performing stunts off any surface and follow posted signs which prohibit these activities in specific areas of the park by dismounting.

Where can I use a metal detector? What tools can I use?

Please visit our page Where can I metal detect page for more information about metal dectecting in Oregon State Parks.

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What do I need to do to reserve this area or hold an event on the State Capitol grounds?

Thank you for choosing State Capitol State Park as the site of your event.  Most group and private use at the park requires a reservation or a permit.    To apply use State Capitol State Park for an activity, please visit the Application Materials page for more information .  For questions or concerns, please send an email to


Where should I place the Chemical Toilets for an event?

Please note that all events at State Capitol State Park require an approved Event Reservation.  Completed and approved reservation applications will identify the appropriate placement of chemical toilets and all other event related facilities.

Where can I park my vehicles on-site during an event?

Please note that all events at State Capitol State Park require an approved Event Reservation.  Completed and approved reservation applications will identify appropriate on-site parking.

Public parking at State Capitol State Park is limited to street-side parking provided by the City of Salem.

Where is the loading/unloading zone for events?

Please note that all events at State Capitol State Park require an approved Event Reservation.  Completed and approved reservation applications will identify appropriate loading and unloading zones for your event.

How do I reserve the Capitol Steps for an event?

Please visit the Oregon State Legislature for more information about activities occuring on the Capitol Steps or inside the Oregon State Capitol building.

For more questions, review our statewide FAQ


Became a new state park in 2008, under ORS 390.111, based on Senate Bill 632. OPRD was given the responsibility for managing the new park, which includes three smaller, existing park areas—Willson Park on the west, Capitol Park to the east and the Capitol Park Mall to the north of the Capitol building.

Brochures and Maps

mdi-file-pdf-box Memorial Installation Application mdi-file-pdf-box Special Use Permit Non-Traditional Activity Application and Instructions (updated 2/24) mdi-file-pdf-box State Capitol State Park Event Reservation Application (updated 2/24) mdi-file-pdf-box State Capitol State Park walking tour guide