Frenchglen Hotel
State Heritage Site

Near Burns, Oregon, United States

Park Overview

Frenchglen Hotel is a small slice of peace and quiet in southeastern Oregon at the gateway to the mighty Steens Mountain. You don't need to drive to the Sierra Nevada or Montana to get that glorious wide-open sky feeling. Come and enjoy the history and unique beauty of this timeless piece of Oregon history.

Much like stagecoach travelers of the early 20th Century, you can stay in one of the hotel's rustic rooms. The dining room and lobby are great places to meet and get to know your fellow travelers. And like the olden days, the restrooms are down the hall. Drover’s Inn, on the same historic property, includes 4 additional rooms to rent with private bathrooms.

To make a reservation please contact the Frenchglen Hotel at 541-493-2825. You can also reach the Frenchglen Hotel by email at

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Amenities & Features


The property was acquired in 1973 from the U. S. Government General Services Administration to preserve the historic hotel and outbuildings characteristic of early development in the region. The hotel was built about 1917 to serve visitors to the community.

Brochures and Maps

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