McVay Rock
State Recreation Site

Near Brookings, Oregon, United States

McVay is a well-hidden park noted for surf fishing, clamming, whale watching, and plenty of space to walk on the beach. The large lawn has a nine-hole disc golf course overlooking the ocean.

The park is elevated above the ocean.  As you walk along the edge, you'll often have eye-to-eye encounters with the seabirds catching the updrafts from the beach.  A steep, rocky path leads to the beach.

McVay is also home to one of the "off leash" dog parks in the Brookings area. 

Special note:

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and Curry County discussed the possibility of signing a lease transferring management and improvement of McVay to Curry County.

After reviewing the idea and gathering public feedback, we have decided to continue managing it as a state park rather than lease it to the county, and do more maintenance (possibly by contracting with Curry for mowing, etc.). The report is online.

McVay has potential to provide more public service. During this limited project, we heard that looking at the park in isolation did not provide enough information or justification to explain why changing McVay now would be a good idea. We took that feedback to heart and will be coming back to the local and broader community in 2024 and 2025 to update the official plan for all state parks in the county. This will give us an opportunity to look at potential improvements for McVay Rock in the context of other recreation sites in Curry County, and the idea of leasing the upland portion to the county could return after planning.

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This park was purchased from private owners between 1970 and 1974 for public access to the beach. McVay Rock, located near the wayside, was named for William R. McVay, who settled nearby in 1861.

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