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Molalla River
State Park

Near Portland, Oregon, United States

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Park Overview

Imagine combining a scenic drive, hiking, picnicking, fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing and a ferry ride all in one location. You can do it all at Molalla River State Park near Canby, Oregon.

This natural area sits at the confluence of the Willamette, Molalla and Pudding rivers. The flood plains of these rivers provide important habitat for waterfowl, wading birds, deer, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians. One of the largest blue heron rookeries in the Willamette Valley is located here.

Molalla River State Park has grassy field areas for picnics and games and a pet exercise area where you can let your dog run off leash. Fishing is a popular activity, and a boat ramp gives you convenient river access. No boat? You can cross the river on the Canby Ferry, located a quarter mile downstream. It's one of three ferries still in operation on the Willamette River. Fruit, vegetable and flower stands abound seasonally in some of the finest farmland in Oregon.

Know Before You Go

  • Do not swim, float, paddle or boat without a life jacket. Wearing a life jacket, and making sure it fits properly, saves lives. 
  • Boaters: check ahead for obstructions on the Oregon State Marine Board's Reported Obstructions and Alerts page.
Effective Jun 30, 2021
Access into Molalla River State Park from Eilers Road is prohibited. OPRD is unable to  provide legal access from the county road leading into the park. Use the main entrance at River Park Place near the intersection of NE 37th Avenue and N Holly Street in Canby. 
Effective Aug 19, 2022
Emerald Ash Borer, a highly invasive insect, has been sighted in Oregon for the first time. Help contain this extremely damaging insect by following these firewood tips:
  • Buy locally harvested firewood at or near your destination.
  • Buy certified heat-treated firewood ahead of time, if available.
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Can I operate a drone at the park?

Yes, sometimes. There are no state park rules that specifically prohibit anyone from flying a drone in an Oregon state park. There are some limits, though, and we encourage you to visit our Operating Drones in  State Parks web page for current information.

For more questions, review our statewide FAQ


Park lands were purchased from landowners between 1971 and 1978. Before widespread settlement by Euro-Americans, the area was ancestral territory of the Molalla tribes.