State park camping guide during COVID-19

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Jun 15, 2020

Camping Guide

See our Day-Use Guide, too

Limited camping at some state park campgrounds. RV and tent campers with existing reservations can stay overnight at reopened campgrounds. New camping reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance. Read the official press release for full details.

We’re excited to have you staying in our parks again, but your experience will be different. COVID-19 is still a reality in Oregon, and we’ve made some changes in our campgrounds to keep you and our staff safe.

Don't forget to read our day-use guide too, if you haven't already. And check our COVID-19 response FAQ for the latest updates. 

What to expect

You’ll see fewer park rangers and hosts than you normally would
We’re experiencing a steep revenue loss* because of the pandemic, so we’ve had to drastically reduce our staff at parks. Fewer rangers means we’re counting on you to camp responsibly; this will allow rangers to focus on their essential campground duties. 

Some campground sections or specific sites may be closed
Several campgrounds are only partially reopening. The reasons vary—proximity of sites, staffing shortages, availability of equipment—but the best thing you can do is know before you go. Check our COVID-19 FAQ for the latest information about what camping areas are open or closed.

Campground loop and site closures will also be reflected on our reservation website.

Cabins and yurts may be closed
The majority of our cabins and yurts across the state are still closed. Open cabins and yurts will have modified check in and check out times.

Group camping areas may be closed
It’s difficult to maintain OHA-recommended 6 feet from others in group camping areas, so for the safety of visitors and staff, these areas may be closed. 

Limited availability of shower and restroom facilities
Each park will have at least one restroom open for campers. Shower facility availability will vary by park dependent on staffing availability and cleaning supplies. We recommend scouting which restrooms are open right after you arrive, to ensure you aren’t caught off-guard later.

Please be courteous of other campers when using facilities: try to maintain physical distance, wear a face covering, and wash your hands frequently. And if a restroom is closed, please respect that closure.

Limited availability of services like info booths, welcome centers, firewood/ice sales, etc.
Many services you’re used to from our rangers or park hosts may be limited or closed altogether. Our staff need to prioritize duties that maintain park cleanliness and visitor safety. Please respect any posted closure signs you come across.

Limited ranger-led programs
With our limited ranger staff focused on visitor health and safety, we’re scaling back our ranger-led programs. Most park events have been cancelled too; check the events calendar for details.

Trash and recycling cleanup may be reduced
We’ll be emptying garbage and recycling bins/stations less frequently than normal, due to having fewer rangers in our parks. You can help us out by packing out what you pack in; consider bringing an extra bag to place your garbage in. 

Campfire restrictions may be in effect
June is the start of wildfire season in Oregon. Many state parks have campfire restrictions throughout the summer. Your best bet is to know before you go: check park webpages or call ahead to get the latest info.

Normal park rules still apply
Please follow all other established park rules. Read our Statewide FAQ if you need a refresher.


*Oregon State Park revenue sources
Oregon State Parks does not receive any tax dollars. Nearly the entire operating budget comes from visitor fees and lottery funds. Those sources have virtually dried up.

When the shutdown occurred, we responded immediately: shut down most large park projects, stopped all hiring—we never hired nearly 70% of our seasonal ranger workforce—and tightly controlled spending from the very limited savings we carry for emergency situations. Those measures allowed us to get the system ready for a limited return to service, even with greatly reduced staffing and scarce PPE and cleaning supplies.

Some parks are open for day-use and camping, with reduced services. Check the Park Status Map and FAQ for details. Campfire restrictions may be in place.