Work underway on selected projects to improve state parks

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Nine projects in eight parks funded by bond sales underway

April 2024 Update

Nine projects* funded by Oregon-issued general obligation bonds (GO Bonds) are underway. The 2021 Oregon Legislature passed SB 5506 that approved $50 million in GO Bond proceeds, an incredibly generous act to revitalize state parks and campgrounds.

The links below go to web pages for each project. Each page includes a summary of the park, project overview, project schedule and possible disruptions to park operations, as well as photos. Check back to watch our progress as milestones are met and to see next steps.

Project pages

*Originally there were 11 projects, but the following projects are on hold

  • Milo McIver State Park
  • Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint

Due in part to a steep rise in inflation, costs for the projects came in higher than budgeted. OPRD had to prioritize the projects that were furthest along in the process in order to best steward the state's investment. Milo McIver State Park and the Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint were put on hold until additional funding becomes available.

Some of the work at the remaining nine parks is also being supplemented by OPRD funds. The one-time Go Bonds allowed OPRD to identify multiple projects to complete on a large scale. More typically, park improvements are funded by Lottery dollars and revenue from visitors and RV fees, and they happen over time in smaller pieces.


  • The first bond sale of $25 million occurred in May 2022. The second happened in March 2023. These funds must be spent within three years of payout.
  • Oregon State Park staff continue to coordinate the pre-design, design, and construction work. See links above for details.

Contractor Note: Construction information, including request for proposals, types of contractors needed and project bid details, will be listed on OregonBuys .