Work underway on selected projects to improve state parks

mdi-chevron-left Feature Articles Feb 8, 2023
11 projects funded by bond sales enter the design phase.

February 2023 Update

Most of the 11 projects funded by general obligation funds have entered the design phase prior to construction. The links below go to web pages for each project. Each page includes a brief summary of the park, project overview, milestones so far, and next steps. We will update these pages as more milestones are met and when next steps and timelines are refined.


  • The 2021 Oregon Legislature passed SB 5506 that approved $50 million in general obligation bond proceeds, an incredibly generous act to revitalize state parks and campgrounds. The first bond sale of $25 million occurred in May 2022. The second will happen in March 2023. These funds must be spent within three years of payout.
  • Oregon State Park staff spent the last half of 2021 developing project selection criteria, identifying potential projects and work scopes, as well as estimating preliminary construction costs. The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission approved the initial project list in November 2021.
  • In 2022, staff worked on a multitude of pre-design steps for all projects, including:
    • assessing utility and park system feasibility,
    • assessing cultural and ecological feasibility,
    • selecting architectural and engineering consultants,
    • developing conceptual designs,
    • coordinating permitting,
    • consulting with partners and interested parties,
    • refining cost estimates based on proposed work and the most recent costs for goods and services.

Contractor Note: Construction information, including request for proposals, types of contractors needed and project bid details, will be listed on OregonBuys .

Project pages