Same-day online reservations now available statewide

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Last-minute campers can now check online to book same-day openings statewide

Visitors can now book same-day campground reservations online statewide at most parks when sites are available.

Previously, visitors could only make online reservations 24 hours in advance of arrival date except at the coast, which started offering same-day reservations online as part of a pilot project. Visitors can now make online reservations on the same day that they want to camp statewide if there are sites available. 

Why the change? Same-day online reservations offer campers the security of knowing they have a site booked before they leave home if space is available, and to give park staff more time to offer interpretive opportunities, maintain park facilities and provide a safe camping experience.

Internet connectivity varies by park, so it’s best to reserve your campsite when you can and before you arrive. Parks are frequently located in remote locations where phone and Internet communication options are more limited.

If you do arrive without reservations, signs help explain the new feature to visitors and include instructions on how to book online at the park. Park staff can also help visitors make reservations during booth hours when available. Some parks will also offer first-come, first-served sites depending on the season and the park (check park pages for more information). First-come, first served sites will be designated by park signs. 

Answers to questions about same-day online reservations:

How do I make an online reservation?

Making online reservations:

1. Go to

  • If you're on a desktop computer, look for "Find an Adventure." Enter a state, city or zip code and under "Interested In," select camping and lodging. Enter your preferred site type under "Looking For," then add your dates and length of stay and click "Search."
  • If you're on a mobile device, click "Advanced Search" and then under "Where" enter a state, city or zip code, under "Interested In" select camping and lodging, add your dates and length of stay and click "Apply Filters."
  • (Sign in first or create a new account if you do not already have one).

2. Click on a park in the search results from Step 1 that says “available” and look for blue icons on the map to see what is open for reservations.

3. Click on a site and then “book these dates” when you find one that you want. Follow the prompts to add your registration information and to pay. You will get a confirmation email. If you have any reservation questions, you can call (800) 452-5687 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Are advanced online reservations required?
No, but they are highly recommended. You can still visit the campground and check online or with staff during booth hours to see if there are any available sites. For best availability, we highly recommend online reservations.

How do you book a campsite at the park?
There are multiple ways to make a reservation at the park. However, we highly recommend making a reservation before you arrive.

  • Use your mobile device to make an online reservation while at the park by visiting* and click on "Advanced Search" to find your park. See the instructions above under "making online reservations." Make sure you complete the booking/reservation process to secure your site. If you wait for a ranger to book it, the site might be gone.
  • Use your mobile device to scan the QR code on park signs for reservations.* Make sure you complete the booking/reservation process to secure your site. If you wait for a ranger to book it, the site might be gone.
  • Rangers might be available to help with reservations when needed depending on the time of day and park.
  • Some parks will offer a handful of first-come-first served campsites. For those sites, follow instructions posted at the park or find a staff member if you have questions.

* Visitors can make online reservations using their mobile devices where they have cell reception or where our free, limited Wi-Fi is available. Wi-Fi is provided at most parks for reservations only and is not guaranteed to be available 24/7. Look for the reservation signs for login information. Since Internet connectivity varies by park, it’s best to reserve your campsite before you arrive.

Can I still use cash or check to pay for my campsite?
Visitors can still pay with cash or checks at the park by finding a ranger or following posted instructions, which could include using self-registration envelopes only if instructed to do so. Ranger availability is limited depending on time and location.

Self-service kiosks will remain at a handful of parks, but they will not be available at all parks and not operational for all seasons. Another option is to purchase a reloadable pre-paid credit card with cash wherever they are sold to make online reservations.

Do I still have to pay the $8 reservation fee for same-day reservations?
No. OPRD has waived the $8 fee for all same-day reservations.

What if I want to book after hours?
You can make online reservations for tents and RV sites up until 11:59 p.m., and for cabins, deluxe cabins, yurts and deluxe yurts you can make an online reservation up to 5:59 p.m. (the earlier cutoff for those sites is due to the staffing needed to provide keys and codes).

Do same-day reservations apply to all reservations?
No. The following site types will remain unchanged and can be booked by calling (800) 452-5687 or reserving online 24 hours in advance:

  • ADA Standard, ADA Standard Full, ADA Tent (requires a phone call to book or a ranger can book at the park during booth hours)
  • Horse sites
  • Group sites
  • Hiker/Biker sites
  • Meeting Halls
  • Picnic Shelters
  • Boat mooring

Are there first-come-first served options?
Yes. There are first-come-first served campsites at some parks, but not all parks. Here is a list of many of the parks that offer first-come-first served sites:

Visitors can also make reservations the same day they arrive at a park during any season if there is space available. However, the most reliable way to secure a site is the online reservation system. There are parks in Oregon that are first come first served. Visit our website to learn more:

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