Day-Use Permit Extension


Twenty-five Oregon state parks charge a daytime parking fee. The cost is $5 a day, $30 for a 12-month permit, and $50 for a 24-month permit. The 12 and 24-month permits are valid through the end of the month one or two years after purchase, respectively. A parking permit is not a guarantee any particular park will be open or have parking space when a visitor arrives.

When a 12 or 24-month parking permit is purchased, a hole is physically punched into the item to mark the month it will expire.

The state park system was closed to all public use from March 23 to May 6, and will not substantially re-open to day-use until the week of May 11. Past closures have affected a couple parks at a time for short periods, so the perceived value of an annual parking permit was not dramatically diminished. To maintain good customer relations, prevent the need for complicated refunds, and to acknowledge the inconvenience of park closures, the expiration dates for current 12 and 24-month parking permits will be extended.


Two months will be added to all 12 and 24-month state park parking permits currently valid and in circulation. This extension applies to 12-month permits purchased starting in March 2019, and 24-month permits purchased starting in March 2018.

12-month day-use parking permits

Purchased in Expires the last day of
March 2019 May 2020
April 2019 June 2020
May 2019 July 2020
June 2019 August 2020
July 2019 September 2020
August 2019 October 2020
September 2019 November 2020
October 2019 December 2020
November 2019 January 2021
December 2019 February 2021
January 2020 March 2021
February 2020 April 2021
March 2020 May 2021
April 2020 June 2021


















24-month day-use parking permits

Purchased in Expires the last day of
March 2018 May 2020
April 2018 June 2020
May 2018 July 2020
June 2018 August 2020
July 2018 September 2020
August 2018 October 2020
September 2018 November 2020
October 2018 December 2020
November 2018 January 2021
December 2018 February 2021
January 2019 March 2021
February 2019 April 2021
March 2019 May 2021
April 2019 June 2021
May 2019 July 2021
June 2019 August 2021
July 2019 September 2021
August 2019 October 2021
September 2019 November 2021
October 2019 December 2021
November 2019 January 2022
December 2019 February 2022
January 2020 March 2022
February 2020 April 2022
March 2020 May 2022
April 2020 June 2022


































Any 12 or 24-month pass purchased in May 2020 or later will expire normally.

Public statement:

Day use parking permits are required at 25 of Oregon’s state parks. Daily parking permits cost $5, but some people purchase 12 and 24-month parking permits. Because the state park system was closed from March 23, 2020 until mid-May, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has decided to extend the duration of the long-term permits purchased before the closure began. For 24-month parking permits purchased March 2018 to April 2020, and 12-month permits purchased from March 2019 to April 2020, the expiration date marked on the permit shifts forward two months. Whatever expiration month is marked on permits purchased in April 2020 or earlier, add two months.

Example: a 24-month parking permit purchased in March 2018 would normally expire the end of March 2020, but will instead expire the end of May 2020. A 12-month parking permit purchased in January 2020 would normally expire in January 2021, but will instead expire in March 2021.

There’s no need for you to physically alter your permit. Our rangers will handle this change by doing the math.


The estimated value of this extension is $227,000. This extension is granted under authority of 736-015-0035 (1) (b). This decision was signed on May 12, 2020 by Oregon Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Sumption.