State Capitol State Park

Application Materials for Event Reservations, Special Use Permits, and Memorial Installations



State Capitol State Park is a unique place to walk, ride, reflect and gather.  This property, in the heart of Oregon's capital city, welcomes everyone and is the site for people to share their ideas, beliefs, opportunities, and events.

In order to manage this special place and to stay organized around all of the desired uses, we have established a simple system for you to reserve your place in the park and on the calendar.  There are a couple of different application processes in place to request use of the park.  Please review the information below and select the process that is most appropriate for your anticipated use.  In many cases, approval from multiple jurisdictions will be required as a condition of any approved use at State Capitol State Park.  Information about our partnering agencies are listed in the Event Reservation Application for your reference



All group activities at State Capitol State Park, other than those requiring a Special Use Permit (see below), must obtain an approved Event Reservation.  The request enables groups to reserve access to specific locations and amenities for specific times, so that the departments can schedule and manage the many activities and visitors that come to the park.

Please note that a minimum of fourteen day (14 day) notice is required for any Event Reservation Applications.



A Special Use Permit is intended to secure public health and safety, protect park resources and facilities and assist in maintaining facilities and services in instances where a person requests to use state park land or facilities for non-traditional park use.  This permit, once approved, allows access to park land for a wide variety of non-traditional park uses by requiring a special use permit if the event or activity includes:

  • sales activities or solicitations
  • the use of drones
  • will occur or require use of the park outside posted operational hours
  • consumption, distribution, or serving of alcohol
  • please see the application for a complete list

Please note that a minimum of thirty day (30 day) notice is required for any Special Use Applications.



In some cases, individuals, groups, or organizations want the opportunity to place a memorial at State Capitol State Park. Memorials can be many things from plaques to monuments designating a feature for an historical event, local community member, or something more personal.

Memorial application can take up to 6 months to complete depending on whether they are considered a minor or major memorial.