Group facilities open in 2021

Limited reservable group camping and reservable day-use areas in some parks  are open to reservations April 15 for stays beginning May 1 and beyond.

Group size limits are temporarily reduced to 25 visitors for each open area, which is a change to the 50-200 visitor limit based on normal site capacity.

  • Select the links below to visit the park reservation pages on the ReserveAmerica website.
  • See opening hiker/biker areas near the bottom of this page.

Coast Group Facility reservations for May 1 and beyond

Arizona Beach State Park

  • Group tent site

Beverly Beach State Park

  • Group tent 2 (opening May 15)

Bullards Beach State Park

  •  East and West picnic shelters

Cape Lookout State Park

  • Picnic shelter

Fort Stevens State Park

  • 2 picnic shelters

Jessie Honeyman State Park

  • Group camp areas A and F only (opening May 28)

Humbug Mountain State Park

  • Picnic shelter

South Beach State Park

  • Group camps 1 and 3 (opening May 15)

Sunset Bay State Park

  • Norton Gulch group camp (opening May 15)

William Tugman State Park

  • Picnic shelter

Central and Eastern Oregon Group Facility reservations for May 1 and beyond

Catherine Creek State Park

  • Group A and B day-use areas (reservations not available until April 22)

Emigrant Springs State Heritage Site

  • Group camp area

The Cove Palisades State Park

  • 1 picnic shelter (open May 14)
  • 3 group tent areas (open May 14)

TouVelle State Park

  • 1 picnic shelter

Tumalo State Park

  • Group Camp A

Valley of the Rogue State Park

  • Group Camp B

Wallowa Lake State Park

  • 3 group camps (opening May 14)

Willamette Valley, Portland Area and Columbia River Gorge Group Facility reservations for May 1 and beyond

Benson State Recreation Area

  •  Day-use area picnic shelter

Dabney State Recreation Area

  • Day-use area picnic shelter

Elijah Bristow State Park

  •  All 3 group day-use  areas

Fall Creek State Recreation Area

  •  Fisherman’s Point Group Camp

Guy W. Talbot State Park

  • Day-use picnic shelter area

Jasper State Recreation Site

  • All 4 day-use areas

Lowell State Recreation Site

  • Day-use picnic shelter area

Maud Williamson State Park

  • Day-use picnic shelter area

Milo McIver State Park

  • Group camps (open May 20)
  • Group day-use (open May 20)

Molalla River State Park

  • All two day-use areas

North Santiam State Recreation Area

  •  Day-use picnic shelter area

Sarah Helmick State Recreation Site

  • All two day-use areas

Silver Falls State Park

  • Horse Camp Group Camp
  • Group Camp B
  • All three day-use areas

Rooster Rock State Park

  •  All 5 day-use areas

Stub Stewart State Park

  • Hilltop day use reservation area
  • Horse Camp group camp

Willamette Mission State Park (facilities open May 15)

  • Filbert Grove picnic shelter
  • Mission Lake picnic shelters 
  • Group camp

Hiker/ Biker Areas (first-come, first-served)

Open now

  • Ainsworth State Park
  • Milo McIver State Park
  • Willamette Mission State Park

Open May 1

  • Beachside State Park
  • Beverly Beach State Park
  • Bullards Beach State Park
  • Cape Blanco State Park
  • Carl Washburne State Park
  • Devil’s Lake State Park
  • Harris Beach State Park
  • Humbug Mountain State Park
  • Jessie Honeyman State Park
  • Nehalem Bay State Park
  • South Beach State Park
  • Sunset Bay State Park
  • William Tugman State Park
  • Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

Open June 1

  • Cape Lookout State Park
  • Fort Stevens State Park