North Santiam
State Recreation Area

Near Salem, Oregon, United States


April 1, 2022 Note: North Santiam is now managed by Marion County Parks for the next two years.


The county is responsible for park operations, as well as reservations for the campground and picnic shelter once they reopen after recent wildfire damage.


More information about the park is available at the county website or by calling 503-588-5036.


mdi-cellphone Call for info: 800-551-6949
Call park: 503-588-5036
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The first park land was given to the state by Marion County in 1937. Later, private purchases added to the area in 1952 and 1958. Ellen B. DeWitt gave a small tract in 1965 and the State Highway Division transferred the final acreage in 1968. The Santiam River was named for the Santiam Indians, a Kalapooian tribal group that held the surrounding territory at the time of Euro-American contact.